Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NutriFit Testimonials

If you are new to NutriFit, welcome!  I hope you embrace this program and know that if you do, you will receive results that will be worth the time, effort, and sacrifice you put into yourself and your team. 

Here are what some of our past NutriFit participants are saying about the program: 

NutriFit gave me the knowledge of how to properly fuel my body.  I have more energy for my kids, workouts and life. NutriFit taught me how to best recover from my workouts so I'm ready again the next day. NutriFit pushed my limits to find mental and physical strengths and abilities I didn't know were there.
Lindsay Dumas

I have never experienced anything in my life that has worked so well as this Nutrifit challenge. I lost weight, body fat, gained muscle, learned solid nutrition principles, and learned what it takes to be fit. And I feel so much better!  Whatever Miki does, you definitely want to be a part of, because everything she does is amazing! 
Dianne Munson

I tried every way to lose weight, but knowing I had a team’s support, as well as Miki, I was able to lose 22 pounds in just 10 weeks and learn the keys to keep going even after NutriFit was over.  Loved it!

Whitney McKell

Nutrifit is a great way to be reminded everyday what it takes to be healthy.  Nutrition, along with the other things we need to be aware of, like enough sleep and not eating after 9:00pm , are as important to our over all success as excersie is.  

Warner Mathews


NutriFit came at the perfect time!  Although I was traveling 8 of the 10 weeks, had it not been for my amazing team, the well structured challenges, and a little self-disclipline; I know for a fact I would have gained weight.  Instead, I lost 6.5 inches, nearly 6% body fat, and 11 lbs of nasty fat!  I am really looking forward to the next one to prepare me to get even closer to my fitness goals!
Susan Barnes

The challenge for me is what CrossFit is was extremely tough, physically and mentally, we did crazy, hard things and pushed our bodies further than we all thought possible and in the end, there is an incredible sense of accomplishment and unity that we all feel!
Laura Mathews

The NutriFit Challenge is a very well-structured program that incorporates many facets of nutritional advice and strategies and a healthy dose of CrossFit workouts together, to make a formula for extreme success!!  It's more of a jump start to getting your health and fitness either back on track, or amped up a few notches!!  The nutritional guidance and goals coupled with the CrossFit workouts, if followed and adhered to, will give you nothing but better health and improved fitness results.  It's called a "Challenge" for a reason, no sugar coating's a lot of work and sacrifice, but if followed, the structure become habits, and the habits equate to a healthier lifestyle.  So take a chance on becoming a healthier and better you....aren't you worth it?
Steve Avery

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Monday, December 2, 2013

What is NutriFit?

NutriFit is a 6-8 week challenge that incorporates both nutrition and fitness to get members maximum results.  Typically most of us know what we should be doing, but it’s hard to be consistent when you don’t really have anyone to be accountable to. 

NutriFit uses the power of teammates to support one another as well as to have built-in accountability because your team is counting on you.  It is based on daily and weekly points earned through keeping good daily habits as well as tough weekly challenges. 

The challenge begins and ends with measurements, body fat, weight, pictures, in addition to a challenging FIT Test.  These tools allow participants to track their progress, stay motivated, and celebrate their success! 

NutriFit originated at CrossFit South Valley and was created by Miki Eberhardt who is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and avid CrossFitter.  She firmly believes in teaching a “way of eating” that can become a lifestyle of success and permanent change, not a strict diet of deprivation that only gives temporary results.  If you’re ready to make changes, challenge your body, and have a little fun along the way…then NutriFit is for you!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CF Multiply: FINAL WEEK: Question of the Week

What is your motto?  Your favorite quote?  Words you live by?


CF Multiply: Bonus Work: Run Girls a hurry!

Run Girls a hurry!
It's CrossFit workouts at their finest.."The Girls..." with a twist. 
You will need to choose and complete 3 of these workouts in order to earn an extra 25 bonus points!
If your partner also completes 3 workouts, then your team will receive an extra 25 bonus points!

Here's the cannot complete the same WODs if you want to earn the team bonus points.  You have 11 to choose from, however, you and your teammate will each need to choose different WODs, so as a team you complete 6 different workouts.
Scaled women weight in pink
Scaled men weight in blue
Rx weight in black, men first/women second

You may add +5 points to each of your workouts you complete at the Rx weight.
You may add +2 points to each of your workouts you complete at the "scaled" weight.

Keep track of your times, those will also be reported. 
The two fastest times in each category:  Rx & Scaled will receive an extra +5 points.

"Scaled" can also mean using a band for pull-ups or ring dips and  a box for handstand push-ups. 

Lots of bonus points up for grabs here, so choose wisely and give it all you've got!

So, without further adieu, here are your choices:
Thrusters 95/65/65/45
Run 200m in between each round (after 7, after 5, after 3)
3 Rounds
25 wall balls 20/14/14/10 (10'/9' line)
Run 200m

Double Unders
Run 200m in between each round (after 25, after 20, etc so you are doing 5 runs total)

25 pull-ups
25 push-ups
25 sit-ups
25 squats
Run 200m in between each movement (after pull-ups, after push-ups, etc so you are doing 4 runs)

Clean 135/115/95/65
Ring Dips
Run 200m in between each round (after 7, after 5, after 3)

400m run (then start time)
5 min. AMRAP
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats
 400m run (after 5 min. is up)
Score is total number of reps completed

Deadlift 225/205/155/135
Handstand Push-Up
Run 200m after each round (after 7, after 5, after 3)

3 rounds
200m run
7 KB swings 53/35
4 pull-ups

Finish with an 800m run

Run 800m
Row 250m
15 Thrusters 45/35
10 Pull-Ups
Run 800m

5 rounds
200 m run
10 box jumps 24/20
10 wall balls 20/14/14/10 (10'/9' line)

15 Clean & Jerks 135/115/95/65
Run 400m after every 5 reps
Let the strategizing begin!
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will answer.
And, have you ever wondered why CrossFit workouts are named after girls?
Coach Glassman, the founder and President of CrossFit explained it best. “I want to explain the workout once and then give it a name.  I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a females name.  Workouts are just like storms, they wreak havoc on towns.” 

Monday, November 4, 2013

CF Multiply: Week 3 Results

Top Teams (scores are combined and averaged)
  • Tough Mamas (280)
  • Smoking Guns (277.5)
  • Team KB (272.5)

Top Individuals
  • Laura 283
  • Juli 280
  • Marianne 277
  • Lori 275
  • Katelyn 275
  • Brenna 270
  • Jessica 270

Sunday, November 3, 2013

CF Multiply: FINAL WEEK: Team Challenge

Each member of your team must complete the following:

60 Wall Balls 20/14
50 deadlifts @50% 1RM
40 thrusters 45/35
30 push-ups
20 wall 2 wall sprints
10 min. plank 
20 pull-ups 
30 Russian twists 53/35
40 double unders (or 120 singles)
50 OH walking lunges 35/25


1 5K for time (walk or run)

Now for the details...

These movements do not have to be done all at once or in this order.  You may break them up however you would like. 

Let me give a little more information on each movement:

50 deadlifts using 50% of your 1 rep max:  Try to string as many together as possible before taking a break.

40 thrusters 45/35:  If this weight is light for you, then you should do all 40 as fast as possible remembering to hit full depth at the bottom.

30 push-ups:  FIT Test movement.  Think back to your FIT Test...were you on your toes or your knees?  How many could you do before you had to shake out your arms?  Beat that number!  

20 Wall 2 Wall Sprints:  Run the length of the gym as fast as you can, touch the floor where it meets the wall, then run back to where you started...that counts as 1 rep.

10 min. plank:  Can be broken up in whatever time increments you prefer.  Must be normal plank, no side plank allowed on this one.  Can be on your elbows or your hands.  No saggy bums, no teepee bums.  I'd rather have you rest than continue on using bad form. 

20 pull-ups:  If you are close to being able to RX these, then work on that, even if you can only do 1 or 2 at a time.  If you use a band or box for pull-ups, then try to do as many in a row as possible without taking a break.  

30 Russian Twists 53/35:  Use the weight listed if possible.  If it is not possible (and just being "heavy" doesn't count...if you literally cannot lift that weight), then use a modified weight.

40 Double Unders:  If you were able to improve these from last week, then make an effort to do as many as possible. You have all week to get these done, so if you need to do 8 each day, really work at these.  If you are still working on getting this movement, then you will do 120 singles. 

50 OH walking lunges 35/25:  arms must stay overhead

And last but not least, the 5K for time.  
 There is no penalty for your time, just run it as fast as you can. 
 The top 3 times will receive an extra 10 point bonus.  

Complete this Team Challenge and you will earn 25 points. 

Q:  Can I complete part of this WOD for my teammates?
A:  You can do any extra work for any of your teammates; however, EVERY team member MUST complete the 5K for time or your team will not receive the 25 points.

And just a helpful hint, you may want to try to get these done earlier than later.  There is a spot for "bonus points" on your spreadsheet for a reason.  =]

Other questions?